The story of a photographer

Filipino photographer Erwin Portilla has been capturing life on film for over five years, favoring indescribable sunrises and sunsets as well as the natural beauty of the world around him. As his talents grew, he expanded his portfolio even more to include astrophotography and aerial views of some of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks. This bay area photographer’s images of the Golden Gate Bridge give all admirers of his work a view of this architectural wonder that can’t be seen on your usual tourist photography adventure. Two years ago, Erwin transformed his ability to capture unique moments into ProjStory, a passion project that works to tell the stories of the people in his pictures through honest and authentic images. He began this mission by taking photos of individuals, couples, and families, but now also captures key life events like weddings and engagements in stunning detail. When combined with his unique editorial style, these images give the viewer a more intimate glimpse into the lives of the subjects, letting them experience the story of these special moments as if they were there. His goal is to create a high-quality shooting experience so that when the subjects look back on the images he captured, they will remember the feelings of that moment and live that special memory yet again.


Christy Lee (Bride)

“During the shoot, not once did we feel rushed, judged or uncomfortable. Our photos came out so beautifully that my husband already wants to ask if he would take our family photos in the fall.”

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