Why Every Celebration Needs a Photographer

Despite the incredible technological advances, we as humans make every single day, we still have no way to perfectly preserve a memory. Even some of the most treasured moments, we find, start to haze around the edges with time until they slip away altogether. Some things, however, are way too important to forget. How do we capture them for years, and even generations, to come?

According to a study done by the University of Iowa, our brains may use different passageways to process information we hear from the information we see. There’s a reason why we color codes our notes and learn by watching others. Visual images are a huge part of forming and keeping memories, which is why good pictures of important moments are so important. This is why Candis, a cancer survivor, made sure that quality photos were taken of her 15th-anniversary dinner in Sonoma, California. Every moment you get to spend with friends and family is worth its weight in gold, especially when something like cancer burst into your life. In the future, on the twenty-fifth, or even the thirtieth anniversary, when she pulls out the photos of this day, she’ll see the gorgeous menu and remember the fun drinks she shared with her friends. She’ll see her friends and family sitting around the table and remember the conversations they had and the jokes that made them laugh. Even the smallest details of Chloe Alise Events’ beautiful table arrangements will be preserved in near perfection.

Moments like these, or an engagement, wedding, or other celebrations, are cherished memories that you’ll want to treasure for the rest of your life, and they’re also moments that are impossible to replicate. This is why it’s so important to have a photographer at the ready that can preserve these stories for years to come. Wedding photography is pretty common these days, so why don’t other important life moments deserve the same special treatment? Capture the memories that mean the most to you with high-quality celebration and engagement photography.

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